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What is Level Chess?

Level chess – it is a chess game. Only there is one difference – this game has levels. 

More levels, more fun…


Rules of Level Chess

All movement of chessman’s are the same, just if you want to go on higher level, you can just go on first reachable chess box of higher level. And on next move, go on that level or to lower levels without restrictions. Knight goes without any restrictions.



It's All About Different



We believe, that our ideas of making games can make think different.



In Life, as in Chess, forethought wins.



Be a game changer. The world is already full of Players.

Meet The Creator


First it came questions. Questions – WHY? Why we play chess as we play, why knight can jump just over other pieces, why he can not jump to other level? And it was more whys. That was how made birth Level chess.

Why going by levels up is restriction, because it is like in Life, going up is always hard and are a lot of restrictions. It is like going from master degree to doctor degree or from captain rank to major rank, or from junior manager to senior manager….

Why we have levels in game, because in Life schools have levels, courts have levels, government have levels…

Ignas Sladkevičius


LevelChess, Founder.


For inquiries, please send an email to